What are your Valentine Day plans?

Valentine’s Day can be a very romantic celebration for gay men, especially those who enjoy showing affection. Even if you don’t have that special guy in your life, there are ways to enhance Cupid’s Arrow to attract a guy’s attention.

Lots of bear clubs and bars have special Valentine’s Day weekend events.  Also your usual online hookup resources can be tweaked to show your availability and signal your willingness to have some furry fun.

There is the perfect storm of gay male holiday celebrations occurring this weekend. With Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day be celebrated, why not combine the two?  Sometimes, all it takes is a big, warm smile to melt another guys heart.

So leave any attitude at home.  Strap on your jock, open your heart, and let Cupid work his magic.




artist’s muse

I am honored to be drawn by various artists such as @artbyfab, @artedgar @butchdick  @calvinwashington and others

Here are some of them

Gear Fetish

I love when guys write about gear.  You may have already figured out that I have a gear fetish.  I love wearing different gear.  I just feel really comfortable in my gear. How about you guys, do you have a gear fetish?

Thought of the Day

I am still very angry about the bullshit Grindr pulled in selling the names, locations, contacts of HIV status guys who have been upfront about their HIV status.  It goes to show, You Can’t Trust Anything that you download as as app.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day guys.  Wishing my hot followers the luck of the Irish!!!!!@@@aaaaaartkissme1