What are your Valentine Day plans?

Valentine’s Day can be a very romantic celebration for gay men, especially those who enjoy showing affection. Even if you don’t have that special guy in your life, there are ways to enhance Cupid’s Arrow to attract a guy’s attention.

Lots of bear clubs and bars have special Valentine’s Day weekend events.  Also your usual online hookup resources can be tweaked to show your availability and signal your willingness to have some furry fun.

There is the perfect storm of gay male holiday celebrations occurring this weekend. With Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day be celebrated, why not combine the two?  Sometimes, all it takes is a big, warm smile to melt another guys heart.

So leave any attitude at home.  Strap on your jock, open your heart, and let Cupid work his magic.




Workout Tip of the Day for Bear Men

I find that a simple stretch before any exercise routine is beneficial to a workout.

Basic body stretches include

Shoulder Stretches

Stand shoulder-width apart, raise your right arm to shoulder height, and move it across the front of your body. With your left arm pull the right arm as close to the chest as possible and hold. Switch arms and repeat.

Complete: 3-5 sets x 30 seconds.

The shoulder is one of the most delicate joints in the body, this shoulder stretch helps improve flexibility and mobility.

Butterfly Stretches

Sitting down, take both feel and align your heels and feet so that they’re touching, then gently press down on your thighs with your elbows until you feel your groin area being stretched out.

Complete: 3-5 sets x 30 seconds.

This stretch opens up the hips and thighs to improve flexibility.

Standing Side Stretches

Standing straight up grab one hand over your head with the other and gently lean to each side while pulling on your hand slightly to engage your muscles between the ribs.

Complete: 3-5 sets x 30 seconds.

You don’t necessarily have to be hairy or a gay male to benefit from these warm up stretches.  I can provide the motivation.  It’s up to you to make it happen.

Doing these stretches daily are great ways to both warm up the body for additional exercise or just maintaining flexibility.


Chains and Beads, what to wear when celebrating Gay Mardi Gras

I had the privilege several years ago to attend gay Mardi Gras in Sydney Australia.

I had never been to a large Mardi Gras celebration before, so I set my expectations very high.

The crowds lined the streets, the floats were spectacular with dancing boys, dancing Marilyn Monroes, all kinds of gay organizations, drag queens and contingents of leather men.  Of course, as customary, the dykes on bikes lead the parade.

Of course this year’s celebration, being the 40 year anniversary, will also be celebrating a very major milestone, marriage equality.

Check out James O’Brien’s blog, https://jamesobrien.blog/2018/02/14/memories-of-mardi-gras-1978-2/ for everything about the history of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Also check out this wordpress blog, https://travelinstinctoz.wordpress.com/2018/02/12/sydney-mardi-gras-is-40-and-fabulous/comment-page-1/#comment-53 to find out more about Sydney Mardi Gras events this year.

If you ever have the opportunity to go, do so. It’s a celebration full of happy and erotic memories.



Love is Love!!!

Only two days away until St. Valentines Day. Hoping all you gay blogging hotties have made plans for the special day.  Here are some motivational images to set the mood!!

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Drawing by @silverjow


The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I’ve been thinking over lunch today, how gay male life has changed since the beginning of the decade.

In 2010, gay marriage was selective. Now it is more accepting and legal in various countries around the world.

Yet unsafe sexual practices between men continue and HIV infection occurs even with PrEP, Pre-exposure prophylaxis .

Gay male body image is still a concern.  Gay teen suicide continues. Cyber bulling is rampant.

Some say blogging is old fashioned.  Other social media have taken over. Who knows when the blog form will cease to exist.

Those of us who still dabble in blogging and love being less restricted than tweets or Instagram posts, we find freedom in sharing our thoughts in detail.

The old saying, pictures say a thousand words, still holds true on the net.  Hot pics of hot hairy men get our attention.

But I like to combine both.  I feel that words and images help to complement each other. Hoping you enjoy my style.